Bamboo and its utility

Bamboo is a multipurpose crop. It’s eco friendly and bio degradable nature has made it very popular, serving various purposes to fulfill the needs of us, humans.

Along with the other known uses of bamboo,few new ways of utilising this miracle grass has been doing rounds in the market.

Bamboo salt: Bamboo salt is prepared by baking sea salt in a thick bamboo stem,for about nine times on high flame. This process transforms the regular salt into a healthier form of salt,which is the bamboo salt. This procedure of baking the salt removes all kinds of synthetic material from it, enriching it with minerals like zinc, calcium, iron and copper.

A well baked bamboo salt will turn purple with the high temperature baking and is considered to be the best form of bamboo salt. It is called the purple bamboo salt.

Bamboo salt has various health benefits and has been popularly used as a digestive aid and disinfectant. Purple bamboo salt has also significantly proven to have anti cancer activity in the cells.

Bamboo tea: Bamboo tea is made by drying the leaves of a certain kind of a bamboo grass and crushing and drying the leaves for about 3-4 months. These leaves are then used to prepare bamboo tea like regular tea by boiling these dried leaves. The boiling gives a faint aroma and color to the tea. Bamboo tea is known to promote healthy skin,nails and hair. It also strengthen bones and teeth and is rich in antioxidants and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. A cup of bamboo tea everyday can increase the natural silicon in one diet to a healthier level.

Bamboo Textile or fabric: Bamboo has lately become hugely popular  in the current textile market. It’s soft silk like texture has become an instant hit amongst the buyers. It is made of bamboo fiber.

The characteristics of Bamboo fabric is very much like cotton with some added qualities like; it is UV protective, it is anti static ,is a natural antibacterial and is a quick absorbent of sweat compared to regular cotton. Since bamboo is amongst the  significantly fast growing crops, the price of bamboo fabric is much lower than linen or silk.

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