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We build Bamboo houses, Bamboo tree houses, Restaurants, Resort Cottages, Bridges and so on. Bamboo contains strong fibre and possesses compressive strength, which is two times better than concrete. The tensile strength of bamboo is also comparable to that of steel.

Durable Architectures

Bamboo structures thrive well in varied climates if designed to ensure durability. Although bamboo is susceptible to termite infestation and fungal attack, bamboo houses can be made insect-and-pest-resistant with proper treatment which enhances the durability of bamboo so that the structures can last for years.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Bamboo is an excellent material for building construction. It absorbs a higher percentage of carbon dioxide when compared with other plants and produces 30% more oxygen compared to wood.

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Where We Build Your Vision Bamboo Houses

Bamboo houses provide a way to sustainable living since the material does not produce construction waste compared to other building materials. Besides, bamboo is lightweight, durable, earthquake-resistant and recyclable, thus becoming an excellent choice for home construction.

The Construction Division of Bambusa Creations has been actively working for development of resorts, cottages, tree house and sustainable houses in various parts of India.

bamboo houses

-Why Choose Us

Efficient Project Management

Project Management steps to build your dream cottage & resorts


Design Selection where customer can choose from a range of structures or new design as per customer’s requirement done by our designers

2 days

Cost estimation and budget preparation

2 days

Post customer confirmation, the overall project report is prepared by our project manager.

2 days

Site survey and final estimation by civil engineer and architect visit.

20 days

Payment and final project starts

25 days

No Hidden Cost

There is no hidden cost in making the project, we provide a proper detailing of the project cost depending upon the location, landscape and share to the client a detailed project report which also includes readiness from the client side so that optimisation of the investment is done and give the perfect look for the architecture as per client’s vision.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of designers who continuously work on different designs as per the market needs with innovation and creativity with their vast experience on design for more than 10years + experience in designs.

Our civil engineers and architects are well versed with site planning and architectural drawing and they synchronise with our designers.

Our Bamboo team consists of artisans having around 8 years + experience in bamboo and cane for cottage construction.

Project completed on Time

The project plan is prepared by an experienced project manager in the field of project planning and management with overall 10years +experience in project management and 3years experience in bamboo based projects. This makes the project report to be robust and achieved as per speculated timeline.


Bamboo based cottages and housing has a very eco-friendly atmosphere. Due to the eco-friendly nature, the bamboo houses remain cool and thus make the stay comfortable. Our customers have given us very good feedback based on the projects we have done across India. The best part of our project is that the bamboos are best quality and followed by a treatment process to keep it away from insects.

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We at Bambusa Creations are proud to offer carefully designed architect designs crafted to suit our commercial clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.

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Bamboo Houses

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