Market place benefits

Market place benefits – Why should you opt for a marketplace instead of managing your own website.

  1. Ready Online platform- We have an online portal where you can simply signup and sell your products for a minimal fee. We do not charge anything for opening your store at our portal whereas an ecommerce website along with domain and hosting will cost you Rs. 50000 +. Avoid the expense and join us in the journey of providing bamboo products all over India. We will soon open up for international buyers as well.
  2. Marketing- We will do the marketing for you. We are already a popular and established brand with 2000+ followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. Get noticed easily among our already existing audience as well as buyers all over India. No need to pay extra for marketing. We already have customers from all over India.
  3. Shipping: We will arrange for shipping your orders to any part of India. You just need to have the packed order ready. No headache of shipping partners.
  4. Support: We will train and provide support to you to use the marketplace. No other marketplace is available in India like ours. We are the first Bamboo marketplace in India.