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World Bamboo Day 2021

World Bamboo Day

World Bamboo Day 2021 has been celebrated with local entrepreneurs, professionals,
officials from government body and bamboo aspiring entrepreneurs who participated in the webinar on the topic ”Challenges and opportunities in the bamboo industry across Northeast India“ hosted over an online platform on 18th Sept, 11am to 1pm. The speakers of the programme were

  1. Mr. Deepak Kumar Goswami , Ex Director , Bamboo technology park , GM , AIDC .
  2. Mr. Samir Jamatia , Bamboo Entrepreneur , Agartala .
  3. Ms. Arundhati Bora , Co-founder & CEO , Bambusa
    The programme was moderated by Mr. Pankaj Gogoi .

Mr. Deepak Kumar Goswami shared about the initiation of the bamboo industry in which he has been working for last 15years and how the process of setting up the bamboo technology park in Guwahati was initiated. He shared about the products that were made in China for bamboo products which have been working in this sector for a very long time and how these products are supplied across the world. Inorder to generate the development of clusters in the bamboo sector, there are ample scope of entrepreneurs who can work in the industry. He referred to various government
schemes and how central government is facilitating funds for industry setup in the bamboo sectors. He also stated and briefed about the Assam state bamboo policy and how the state government is willing to support the entrepreneurs in setting up industry. He shared about the services and facilities of the bamboo technology. He also referred to the NRL initiative on bamboo ethanol extraction. He also shared the oxidation benefit of bamboo.

Mr.Samir Jamatia shared about the experiences of the challenge of the logistics and supply chain problem from Northeast India to the other parts of the country. The cost of a bamboo from the producer to the market is very expensive due to lack of proper logistics network. He has also shared about various products in bamboo that needs attention .

Ms. Arundhati Bora shared about the mission and vision of bambusa initiative. Bambusa creation was launched on 25th July 2021 and have been working to promote the bamboo products of North-east India globally through the powerful platform of online shopping. Bambusacreations focuses on building an online bridge between the local producers of North-East India and global customers and thereby will enable the buyers to buy directly from vendors at a reasonable rate and will also help the vendors to expand their production besides
getting a worthy price for their hard work.

Mr. Pankaj Gogoi added how Bambusa will enable AI and IOT in reaching out to the value chain of the bamboo industry and shall be coming up with innovative solutions to solve the problems in the industry.

Among the people online present, Mr. Amitabh Barooa, Secretary , StartupAssam shared about the challenges of entrepreneurs facing problems in making their business successful ,and stated how people like Mr. Deepak Kumar Goswami can support in helping the entrepreneurs in the bamboo sector .He also stated about the need of such webinar to connect to discover the potential of bamboo and congratulated team Bambusa for organizing world bamboo day .There were many bamboo based entrepreneurs who joined the discussion and supported in celebrating the world
bamboo day.

The webinar was organised by Bambusa Creations.

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